Squarebill Muddy Water Kit

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  • Kit of 6 of our favorite muddy water colors in the M9 and M9D crankbaits.
  • 1 Plano 3400 series box
  • 1 – M9-RT (Rattling) Squarebill in Fire Dalmation
  • 1 – M9-RT (Rattling) Squarebill in Delta Devil
  • 1 – M9-OK (One Knocker) Squarebill in Dwain’s Brown Bug (Signature Series Color)
  • 1 – M9-OK (One Knocker) Squarebill in Brown Mud Craw
  • 1 – M9D-OK (One Knocker, Medium Diver) in Red Mud Craw
  • 1 – M9D-OK (One Knocker, Medium Diver) in Bright Gill
  • This kit contains a variety of baits including rattling and one knocker squarebills and medium divers, with a set of colors selected for Stained to Muddy waters.
  • A great way to try our baits without having to choose blindly from the hundreds of colors we offer.
  • each bait is 2 1/2 inches long (body length)
  • Squarebills dive to 4 feet, and the Medium Divers dive to 10 feet
  • Six Baits included total
  • Oval line ties
  • Each bait is equipped with VMC #4 short shank treble hooks
  • Each bait is custom painted by master painter Dwain Batey
  • Retail value for this kit is over $80