NEW AIM-7 Suspending Jerkbait

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The AIM-7 is back, but with some awesome improvements. First we've improved the suspending qualities of the bait, and it will now suspend in a wider range of water temperatures. Second we've also gotten a different weighting system and it suspends nose sightly down in the perfect position. Of course we've got these in some of the best colors we offer, and all feature Dwain's custom paint. These come equipped with 3 #6 VMC short shank treble hooks.

  • AIM-7 Suspending Jerkbait
  • Rattling
  • Weight Transfer system inside for long casts
  • Runs 6 feet deep.
  • weighs .45 oz.
  • 110 mm/ 4.33 inches long 
  • Oval line tie
  • Comes equipped with #6 VMC Treble hooks
  • Custom painted by Dwain Batey of Skirmish Baits