How to catch more bass at any level

Posted by Dwain Batey on Feb 12th 2020

How to catch more bass at any level

No click bait, this is real, and it will work no matter what level your fishing is at right now.

I spend a lot of time on the water, and I always have. I have been bass fishing most of my life. I'll fish from the bank, or a $70k bass boat. In recent years I do my fishing from a kayak, but it's all the same. The things we do that make fish bite are unwavering. You cannot escape the fact that you can only learn so much from YouTube videos and reading articles.

You might think my tip is to spend more time on the water? Wrong, that's something everyone can't do. So that means it's not going to benefit those who already fish as much as they can. Some people have demanding jobs or family lives, and can't fish as much as they'd like. So then what is it?
I fish with a lot of people, and I try to learn from them all. I have fished with professional anglers, and people who couldn't catch a fish if it was already in a livewell. I am very observant, and always watching others while they fish with me. What separates anglers of different skill levels? So you have learned the basics and general mechanics of fishing, what's next?

I have noticed that there is one huge factor that can immediately improve your fishing. Let's create a scenario here. We're fishing together and you're fishing in front of me, your making casts to the bank fishing cover. You're landing within 2 feet of the where you're targetting. I will come behind you and place my bait within 6 inches of those targets and catch fish behind you. It seems super simple but it can mean the difference in catching fish or not.
So if you want to catch more fish this year, practice your casting skills. Make sure to practice with different baits, of different weights. Don't get good at only one presentation. Make sure you can drop a weightless fluke within a couple inches of the bank too. Rather than only being able to do so with a jig. You can learn this in your backyard, and on the water.

This is very important because a cold front makes a bass' strike zone shrink. Fishing pressure also does this. And sometimes bass are just in a mood. So the closer you can get to a fish the more likley you are to catch it. It seems like common sense, but people don't put enough time into getting better at this.
So when you're on the water, practice. When you're at home, get in the back yard and practice. Get better at putting your bait where you want it to land, and I promise you'll catch more fish. If you're landing within 6 inches, try to get within 2 inches of where you want to land. If it's 2 feet now then try to get within a foot with practice.